About Us

Get to know Skardian a little bit better.

Our mission What do we believe in?

Our Mission is to provide greatness
Everyone should be able to play minecraft with their friends. This is the reason Jesse and Stan started Skardian. No one should be stoped from not being able to play and enjoy Minecraft with your friends or hosting a server with the aim of making a succesful server for many other players to enjoy.

Our Hardware What's so special about it?

We own our hardware
We use a combination of owned and rented hardware which enables us to maintain the highest reliablity while still providing the best affordable Minecraft servers.

Our Team Who is Skardian made up of?

I am Stan, I founded Skardian with the aim to provide minecraft servers that everybody could afford. No more people that feel left behind because they can't afford a minecraft server to play with their friends.
I am Jesse, I ran servers for the last few years which were pretty succesful. Now I want to share my expertise in server managing and hosting with everyone. Me and Stan want to make servers available for everyone so that's why we started Skardian.